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Images of an era. The project "Spomenici" (monuments), documents the left over of socialist monuments in the Balkans. "Spomenici" won several awards, both as a series and individual images: International Photography Award 2019 - 1 place for the book Spomenici and Brutalism - Fine Art Photography; ND Awards 2016 - 2nd place and honorable mention; ND Awards 2015 - honorable mention; Tokyo International Foto Awards - bronze award; Black and White Spider Awards 2016 - nominated; PX3 Paris 2016 - bronze award; International Photography Awards (IPA) 2015 - 3rd place and honorable mention; International Photography Awards (IPA) 2016 - honorable mentions
From Jugoslavija with love (awarded)Podgaric, HRBrezovica, HRZebrnjak, MKKumanovo, MKVeles, MKPrilep, MK (awarded)Kavadarci, MKTito, MKMakedonium, MKSkopje, MKPetrova Gora, HR (awarded)Tjentiste, BiH (awarded)Susnjar, BiHMakljen, BiHIlirska Bistrica, SIPodhum, HRBanj Brdo, BiHKozara, BiH